1. About us

The company Navis Shipping was established in 2012 to implement ship management and ship agency in the port of Vladivostok. Our employees constantly strive to improve the process of transportation

and determine the main trends of its development.

The results of such studies allow us to accurately predict the demand for certain segments of the transport market and, thus, to develop an appropriate set of measures to meet the transport needs of our


2. Attractive cost of services

Providing services at competitive prices, we aspire to establish long and mutually beneficial relations with our customers. to each client we try to find a special approach.

3. Quality and uniqueness of services.

We care both for our reputation and for the business of our clients, therefore, we focus on our work not only on quality but also on expanding the range of our services.

4. Compliance with high standards of corporate social responsibility.

In our activities we adhere to high standards in the field of corporate social responsibility, we comply with the rules and procedures adopted in the company. We demand from the

entrusted crews compliance with labor laws and laws of the host countries. sobriety is one of the fundamental norms of the policy of our company.

5. Experience and professionalism

Staff and technical staff of our company is presented by certified specialists with higher professional marine education and extensive experience in marine applications.

The main line of business is ship management, which includes:

- safety management;

- technical management;

- commercial management;

- transportation of various goods (cars, special equipment and general cargo) between the ports of the Far East of Russia and Japan, China, Korea.


6. Activities

At the moment we are carrying out Linear Service by RO-RO ships - mv "Elga" and mv "Indigirka" between the ports:

Otaru - Vladivostok (loading in Otaru twice per month)

Toyama - Vladivostok (loading in Toyama twice a week)

Fukui - Vladivostok (loading in Fukui once a week)

Taking care of improving the quality of service, we are pleased to offer you a new online service for ordering delivery both in Japan and to the port of Vladivostok:

Option1: Auction - Fukui Port / Otaru Port

Option2: Auction - port of Fukui / port of Otaru - port of Vladivostok

And also we provide regular transportation of timber cargoes from the Port of Plastun to the ports of Japan, China and Korea be RO-LO type vessel - mv Moma

Navis Shipping

Attractive cost, quality and uniqueness of services.



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TEL .: +81-76-407-4002 (JAPAN)